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ALPR Vehicle Access Control: Amazon´s Logistics Center Barcelona

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The new Amazon's logistics center in Martorelles (Barcelona) implementes SIRAM, a vehicle access control system based in ALPR (automatic license plate recognition), All of the LRR camera are installed at the entrance and exit lanes of trucks, as well as the automated access control system to control the transit of trucks and other vehicles .


Conside of Amazon's needs, to control the access of merchandise vehicles and to guarantee maximum security of the center and surroundings,there is designed solution.


One of the important feature of the installed LPR is the versatility and reliability of the license plate recognition system SIRAM .The complexity of access of trucks from different points of the enclosure and the large width of the vials, makes the capture and recognition of car license palte difficult. Therefore, it's necessary to offer an ALPR solution which allows to operate in a lane with a widthgreater than 5 meters , so that offer an accurate recognitation of license plate, even if they have different positions.



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