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Automatic Parking System Function Parameters and Stable Operating Conditions

- Aug 25, 2017 -

With the popularity of intelligent management mode, most of the parking lot has been used automatic parking system, as a parking lot in an important equipment, the purpose of its use is to facilitate people to stop, so the choice of automatic parking system before , We must first grasp the corresponding functional parameters, so that it can meet the practical application requirements, in order to ensure the stability of the automatic parking system to lay the foundation.

For different functions of the automatic parking system, in the selection of the reference function parameters are also different, such as credit card type automatic parking system, people may be more concerned about the capacity of the card box, support the type of card, card reader distance and Whether to support voice prompts, intercom and other functions; and for such automatic parking system software part is more concerned about the follow-up equipment upgrades.

automatic parking system

There is also a free card-type automatic parking system, which can be divided into Bluetooth remote license card and license plate recognition in two different forms, relatively speaking, license plate recognition automatic parking system is more popular, so people will focus on it Recognition rate. And this automatic parking system recognition rate is not only related to high-definition capture camera, but also the installation of the device itself and the external conditions, these are the choice of automatic parking system is to consider the functional parameters.

In the practical application process, in addition to by selecting the appropriate automatic parking system to ensure its stable operation, the other measures are also necessary to take, for example, the system circuit board using triple lightning protection measures, respectively, ground lightning protection; Machine out of the line to install the mine; motherboard instantaneous high-pressure system, etc., to meet the automatic parking system in the thunderstorms under the normal use of climate.

Second, the automatic parking system using space-class embedded operating system to ensure that it can be used in a long time without interruption of the stable operation; at the same time, for the automatic parking system to increase the barrier intelligent memory converter board; In addition, when the automatic parking system computer When the crash or host software does not work, the control machine can be automatically taken off.

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