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Beijing looks for the solutions for solve city's parking problems

- Jan 08, 2018 -


Beijing will set to research the new smart system to provide real-time quidance to drivers.

People's dalily reported, nearly a quarter of capital's motor vehicles ( 1.3 million out of 5.7 million) often look for parking space.

citizens often complain about the charge of street parking and small size car parks .

Smart mobile phone system will allow drivers to find the avaliable parking spaces nearby and pay the parking fees via the digital wallet.

The city's transport commission will provide the live map of all car parks and guide drivers to cut the time- consuming and look for a free parking space.

Beijing will increase the supply of car parking lots by constructing new ones and transforming old buildings.

Small parking lot owners will install the technology needed to join the smart parking network.

the beijing party chief said in a meeting last december that, the city's parking problem could be solved by a smart platform operated by state-run companies.

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