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Changes for pay parking program include more terminals

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Changes are being planned for the Next season's paid parking lot for lake sylvan Lake. The board decided that the best direction for the payment terminals would be to increase the available quantity. The government will buy six new paid terminals, which will be read out in the region.

Another change made by the administration and approved by the council is to reduce the number of paid parking Spaces. For the 2018 parking season, there are only two zones—one-street parking and car park lot.

The two parking terminals will be moved prior to the start of the paid parking season in order to access the terminals in these areas.

Prior to the final report of the executive branch, the board approved other changes that would be implemented this quarter.

The first change is the time limit for on-street parking. Residents and tourists will be restricted to three hours when parking on the streets of a paid parking area. But in the meantime, residents can park in any residential street in the city center.

A paid parking lot can be parked all day, as is the free parking lot located on 50th and 49th Avenue.

The council also approved changes to the disabled. More disabled parking Spaces will be added to the 2018 season, and the visible signs will be available free of charge at designated locations.

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