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China Intelligent Transportation ---- Non-sense Parking

- May 22, 2018 -

Today, with the rise of artificial intelligence, smart parking has entered an era of non sense of payment.

In the parking industry, the enterprise mainly perform real-time internet monitoring of road parking,parking lots, or residential areas through sensor technology ,forming a complete closed-loop parking business such as parking guidance system, parking reservation, and online payment.


after implementing the above pakring business, the two new products such as NB-IOT geomagnetic & electronic tags have been introduced to used in the parking industry.


It's known that Geomagnetic only can detect the entry and exit time of cars, cannot recognize the license plate ,so the electronic tags is developed to resolve the problem.

Electronic tag is a chip RFID sensor card which is similar ETC, installed on the front windshield of the vehicle, using solar power, with the characters such as own the only global identity ID, small power, high recognition accuracy, data security, easy installation, ETC. Each electronic tag is bound with the license plate information and the owner's account information.


When vehicles equipped with electronic tags enter the parking garage, the geomagnetics on the parking spots are encrypted data communication with the electronic tags on the vehicles, so as to form the berth number when the vehicle with the license plate enters, and when it leaves the berth number, forming a complete parking evidence chain.


As we mentioned above, the electronic tag not only binds the license plate information, but also can link the user's payment account. E-tags can be connected to accounts of various payment channels such as APP accounts, recharge cards, bank cards, Alipay accounts, and Wechat accounts. After the non-secret payment is opened, after the vehicle leaves the parking bay, the back office will automatically send the order deduction information to the corresponding payment channel for settlement.

that's the Non-sense Parking

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