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Cloud computing will promote the development of intelligent parking systems

- May 08, 2018 -

Although the parking lot has developed in a different degree of automation in the past few years, it is still difficult to keep up with the speed of vehicle growth. With the increase and wide application of cloud computing technology, to the intelligent parking system, the problem of parking is relieved greatly, and the cloud computing intelligent parking system has more development space.

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Cloud computing technology has many advantages, and its economy, practicality and ease of use are particularly evident in the parking lot system. The parking system of Cloud Computing mainly consists of cloud platform, control center and parking lot system. Cloud computing provides hardware efficiency for storage and computing, and cloud services can provide cheaper unit storage and computing costs compared to independent embedded controllers.

The cloud computing technology makes the parking system more economical. By installing the cloud platform, it can identify the vehicles in and out of the vehicle in the database, make the cost of the customer's input equipment Zero. The parking system installation cloud platform can realize the group management, break through the regional limits, and realize the long distance in the whole country. Management, improve work efficiency, reduce manpower and material resources and problems caused by the two consolidated statements. Because cloud computing can implement cloud storage, data will never be lost when the client data is out of order, reducing the customer's input and maintenance to the server. Through cloud computing, we can also realize parking garage parking spaces, increase the utilization rate of parking spaces, and increase revenue for toll parking lots.

When the cloud computing system does not affect the normal work of the parking system, it can automatically detect the failure of the parking system and automatically exclude the system fault.

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