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Composition and function of Intelligent parking management system

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Intelligent parking management system can be divided into three parts: information collection and transmission, information processing and human-computer interface, information storage and query. Intelligent parking management system has the following functions:


1. Temporary car charging function

When the temporary users enter into the residential area parking, the loop detector will detect the arrival of vehicle, and the electronic display of entry station will show “ Welcome to visit, pls take the ticket”. And then temporary users push the button to take a ticket. The barrier gate will open and the digital video recorder takes the vehicle picture to store in the computer hard disk.

Before leaving, users need to pay and then the barrier gate will open to let vehicle leave. At the same time, digital video recorder also takes the vehicle picture to store in the computer hard disk.  Temporary users will be charged by times which be set up by the user in the computer management software.


2. Car park management system

Car Park management function is the key function of collecting, summarizing, synthesizing the information of parking. The manager fully controls the information indexes of the parking through the parking management function, and realizes the functions such as integrated release, unified dispatching, automatically back up, alarm prompt and so on.


3. Special vehicle management function

Special vehicle management is an important upgrade function of intelligent parking management system. It takes space perception, video identification, technical means such as smart card read, provide exclusive privileges for special vehicles, car park entrance to take the initiative to identify a special vehicles, automatic lead into the exclusive space. When the parking Spaces of special vehicles are illegally occupied, the system will automatically call the police.


4. Image contrast function

The system can have image storage when the vehicle and cardholder is in the parking. The collection of text information is regularly kept in the back-up department and the department of traffic management for enquiries. When the vehicle accesses to the parking lot, digital video recorder will automatically start the camera function and the picture will be stored in the computer. When leaving, the computer contrasts the new picture with the final entry picture and the staff will monitor the vehicle security in real time.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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