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Design and use of parking management system

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Parking management system is mainly composed of three parts: information storage and query, information collection and transmission and information processing and man-machine interface. Parking management system use its vehicle sensor IC card effectively, It can store up the information of users and cards in a certain extent.

Parking management system, the sensor IC card will be effectively installed in the cab inside the car, when the car pass through the sensor sensor area, the card will be effective through the sensor sent over the excitation signal that will directly produce its response signal back to the reader.

In the parking management systems,the sensor will read the signal effectively and send to the parking lot controller.  After receiving its information and automatically check whether it's legal card, then barrier gates will open automatically.

The smart parking management system is normally applied to the residential, factories, and companies. Now people have more and more requirements to the parking management system and the the intelligence level of the system is becoming higher and higher.

Parking management system will become more convenient, which can bring happiness and convenience to people’s life. It not only improves the efficiency of modern human work, but also greatly saves manpower and material resources, reducing the company's operating costs.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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