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Difference between IC , ID & RFID

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Under the Wiicontrol parking management solution, IC ,ID & RFID card is optional accorking to the detail requirement. for example, VIP Card Parking System, RFID card is used to send signal to VIP Card Reader, Card Reader recognize the signal then exchange data with Cloud thru Wi-Fi or GPRS module, so as to control barrier gate OPEN/CLOSE.

Here the difference is listed as follow:
1.ID card is the identity card cannot be written, contain a fixed number. IC card (Integrated Circuit Card ) also know as smart card is a fully integrated circuit card. Read-write, large capacity, encryption function, reliable data record, use more convenient.
2.IC card need to doinitialization encryption before use.ID card don't need. The security of the IC card is greater that the ID card.
IC card need to hold between IC card and the card reader of double key authentication, related work can proceed. After encryption, customers through IC card system get private key. Thus ensure the specificity of the system, thus ensuring the safe use of the system mechanism. ID card only need to use the "card number" can, in addition to the inside of the card number, without any confidentiality function, so performance is not confidential.
3. IC card has the memory function, can record the user a lot of relevant content, so that can run out of computer platforms, to realize online and offline operation mode of automatic transformation, and the ID card cannot record contents, so the data recording depends entirely on the computer, can't run away from the computer network platform.
4. RFID (Radio frequency identification) and ID card are similar technologies.
The RFID device serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip on the back of a credit card or ATM card; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a bar code or magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.
RFID Works Better Than Barcodes.

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