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Difference between POE solution & Central pay station of a parking lot

- Dec 13, 2017 -

POE solution (pay on exit) is the the traditional pay mode, The Parker take a ticket on entry and then park the car.when leave,drive to the exit barrier, give the ticket to the cashier and pay the parking cost,the cashier will open barrier for parkers to leave. The NO. Of  kiosk is limited by the parking lot,and the NO. Of vehicles is influenced by the speed of the cashier, ,there is always exit congestion in the peak time of parking lot,that’s why the Central pay mode comes out.
The below pictures shows the difference of the steps of the 2 types.
1.Pay On Exit Solution

Pay On Exit Solution.jpg

2. Central Pay Station-----pay on foot station and central cashier
A. Pay on foot station

Central Pay Station.jpg

B. Central Cashier
The central cashier has the similar method to pay for parking fee. The one difference is cashier instead of pay station. The vehicle gives the ticket to cashier and pay by cash, mobile etc.After payment completed, vehicle takes the paid parking ticket and exit.
From the comparison of the 2 pay solutions we can see, under the POE solution,the number of charge kiosk is limited by the numbers of exit line,poor extendability, almost cannot be increased.under the central pay station, it’s easy to increase charge kiosk ,even can increase the auto pay machine, when parking peak period, central cashier is taken to use, will take the convenient for parking lot and parkers.

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