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Electronic Parking System Functions

- Aug 04, 2017 -

It’s convenient and benefit for taking the electronic parking system.Nowadays, people have rapid life pace, the use of electronic parking system to save us a lot of time.This system has the identity of the identification function, the effective judgment of its credit card whether vehicles are admission authority.

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Electronic parking system has certain information records, the card is valid to record its time, license plate number. Owner ID card information automatically storage, backup and system calls. On the temporary parking ,it automatically issues a card.If the card is none or fewer,it will alarm.

Electronic parking system has the function that displays the usage situation of parking space. Its voice with LED or LCE can more need to punish various information.Such as automatically record the number of vehicles.If there was no parking space in the parking lot, the LED or LCD screen will display and voice and automatically close the function of issuing cards and reading cards.

When taking the electronic parking system, there will be a limit in logical control.The data isn’t missing when the power is off.All the images can be stored automatically so that can easily take the existed information to compare.

After the users validate the card, it can automatically count by the electronic parking system to prevent trailing.It can ensure that users of multi-car after validating the card at the same time can be safely through the barrier gate.After the card information can be automatically identified, the users of valid card automatically release and record storage.

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