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Enhanced Parking Solutions

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Today is the 4th day of December, the holidays are coming. Is your facility safe and secure? We would be happy to evaluate your existing systems and provide enhanced parking solutions so you can have a safe and happy season and get the new year off to a great start. Learn more here:
1. On-street Parking Solutions
On-street Parking Cloud Solution will help the parking lot owner to manage and operate the parking lot efficiently, and provide a easier parking journey for parker.Parkers can prepay parking time with cash/credit card/VIP card on parking meter, and the payment operation can be finished with a APP too.
More convenient is that parkers will get a push message from mobile APP when the expiring time is coming, then parkers can lengthen their parking time if needing with their APP anywhere.
2. Off-Street Total Parking Solutions For Automatic Parking Management System
Pay on exit solution
Pakers take a ticket on entry and then park your car as normal. When you are ready to leave, drive to the exit barrier, give your ticket to the cashier ,the parking fee will be displayed. You can then make payment with cash, and cashier will open barrier for you to exit.
Pay on foot solution
A Pay on Foot parking solution system requires the driver to pay at a payment machine before returning to their vehicle. It is a natural solution for parking facilities such as airports, hospitals, large shopping centres, theatres and cinemas where parking personnel are less frequently available.
If you feel not safe enough, the ANPR system & LPR camera are optional .
Wiicontrol allows cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs ,increase compliance by better parking enforcement.
We are here for you.

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