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Four ranges of indoor car parking

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The indoor car parking is one of the normal parking, here list the 4 ranges of indoor car parking popular in UK. It will help us get know more of the indoor parking.

1.Smart Parking is a very often straight forward and easy to operate system. Drivers can park and retrieve their cars independently with just one touch operation. It’s smooth rotary operation also ensures longevity with a low maintenance cost.Introduced since 1998 and with hundreads set already deployed wordwide, Smart Parking is an excellent and popular solution for build up reas associated with tight, expensive and limited spaces.

Smart Parking.jpg

2.  ACE PARKING , multi-dimensional mechanical system that speedily and safely park as many vehicles as possible within a confined space. The elevator typed parking tower has high space usage efficiency as it allows many parking levels over a minimum floor area. The build-in internal turn table, high speed elevator and efficient lateral transfer mechanism of the vehicle-loaded pallets syergise to a quick and efficient system for parking and retrieval of cars.


3. GRAND PARKING ,A highly efficient ,quick and flexible mechanised parking system designed to enable automatic transderring of car to a waiting pallet on one of the multi parking levels. Each module comprises of lift, turnable, cart-way and parking pallets.


4. Advantages of Excel parking  system:          
Appropriate for small and medium sizes buildings
Most area effective type
Comparatively slower operatio

Excel parking  system.jpg

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