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Functions of car parking management system

- Nov 27, 2017 -

With the continuous social and economic development and industrial restructuring, urbanization process, at the same time, commercial economic activities are becoming more frequent. Logistics and other industries are thriving, and the number of motor vehicles are greatly increased. In addition, the efficiency and safety of traditional car park management have lagged far behind the needs of the community and brought great inconvenience to people's lives.

If your parking lot is using this car parking management system, it’s seen that the cost of parking operation significantly will reduce. This automatic car parking management system takes the latest technology of computer and inductive IC card. So this system can be effective to control, monitor and manage the parking operation. And the flexible configuration is more easier to meet the user’s requirements. In addition, the parking charge management system is based on the RS-422 industrial distribution network. This network is through two pairs of twisted pair or four shielded cable, long-distance optical drive isolation and the RS-232 interface connection of computer. Its distance can be up to 5km and it provides real-time data transfer with maximum reliability and flexibility.

The management center is to monitor the status of entire parking lot by a computer with the above RS-422 network. The management center can control all the information of month card holder and generate the various revenue report and parking status report and so on. All the system is developed on the latest Microsoft Windows and they are easy to operate with friendly interface and strong compatibility. Meanwhile, it has wide area connectivity and for standalone systems, management center can store all system information in its own database. When the system operates by LAN, the server can store all the information.

The cashier station can issue various tickets such as the temporary card, month card, time card, free card and so on. The time card is issued by the entry station which is set up at the entrance and the parking fee is depends on the parking time. It can finish issuing card, reading card, controlling barrier gate and so on.Customer who has the ticket or card can submit the ticket or card to cashier and pay at the exit or at the central. And then the manager will put these tickets or cards into the entry station again. For time card, the customer usually pays at the exit. After payment, the customer can drive to leave the parking lot. But for those customers who hold the month card, they don’t need to pay each time and only to pay every month. For the stored value card, it means the their parking fees are stored in advance in the card and each time the parking system will automatically deduct the related fee from the card. Finally, for free card, customer with free card can directly enter into the parking lot and the operator won’t limit.

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