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Hongkong provides real-time traffic info

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Chief Executive Zijian Zheng said, HongKong government is planning to provide real-time traffic info for drivers in future.
Hongkong leaders pointed out that the government will be committed to building an intelligent transport and traffic management system, because there is little scope for expansion of existing roads or build new roads in consideration of the city’s development density.
We plan to install about 1200 pcs of traffic detectors in all strategic roads to provide real-time traffic info, and develop the installation of in-vehicle units to make drivers receive these info.
Mr. Lin continued, new on-street parking meters will show parking vacancy information, and make drivers receive the parking space info in public car parks, without unnecessarily circulating on roads
Pilot intelligent traffic signal systems at road junctions will be introduced, the automatic tolling system will be adopted in the new Tseung Kwan O-lam Tin Tunnel .
All of these can help people plan their journeys and improve driving efficiency, thereby increasing the capacity of our road network and reduce traffic jam.

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