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How to choose the barrier gate of car park management

- Nov 13, 2017 -

As an important part of the car parking management, the barrier gate has played an important role in our life under the current serious parking problem. Barrier gate is a system to control the vehicle access to parking lot. It’s usually combined with car parking management to manage the car park. So the selection and installation of barrier gate needs more attention. The right barrier gate will make the parking journey more quick, comfortable and convenient.
Currently there are various barrier gate with different types and functions in the market. However, choosing a suitable barrier gate is very important for users and they need to pay more attention on choice. According to the arm types, barrier gate can be divided into three categories: straight barrier gate, fencing barrier gate(two fencing barrier gate, three fencing barrier gate) and advertising barrier gate. Due to the different usage scenarios, the advantages of each barrier is also various. The user needs to choose the most suitable barrier gate based on the real situation of car parking management. In addition, the mechanism of barrier gate depends on the barrier gate quality. In order to ensure the service life, it’s equipped with single or double mechanism of barrier gate according to customers requirements. Of course, different mechanism will have different price. That’s why parking system seems to have the similar function but it s price is so widely different.

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