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How to cope with changeable market demand in parking lot management system

- Jun 13, 2017 -

However, the development of technology in the last two years has changed the location of the parking system in people's minds, and it can be used in some special parking lots, can also be used for units, hospitals, schools, residential areas, stadiums, scenic areas, and many other places, each site, the different needs of different management mode and charging mode, so this means that the parking lot management system needs to change according to user needs, to choose different functional standards.

In particular, the parking lot of some large business complexes, some businesses will be based on people's consumption to the owner to charge different parking fees, such as: the staff inside the vehicle does not charge, the foreign consumption of vehicles according to the amount of small tickets can be reduced to some or all of the parking fees, which need to be in the parking lot fee system software set up different fees.

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