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How to install the license plate recognition camera step by step?

- May 02, 2018 -

With the gradual maturity of license plate recognition all-in-one technology, its application range is also becoming wider and wider. Before the application, it is necessary to accurately install the license plate recognition camera in place. Before arranging the license plate recognition camera, it is necessary to determine where the all-in-one device is set; and the parameters of the license plate recognition camera are mainly effective distances. Under the condition that the scope of the visual field of the monitoring target is satisfied, the installation height thereof is not to be less than 2.5 m from the ground. Outside ground should not be less than 3.5m.


After confirming the position, take out the bracket, prepare the tools and parts according to the pre-determined installation position, check the size of the plug and the self-tapping screws, and check whether the screw of the bracket and the screw of the camera base are appropriate. The embedded pipeline Check whether the interface is properly handled and whether the test cable is clear.


Determine the location of the monitoring back-end equipment to start wiring, in the place where the license plate recognition camera is installed, first install the all-in-one bracket. Wiring should be avoided when the wire is connected, in addition to non-use of joints can not be, one machine must use the pressure of the joints or welding, wire connections and branches should not be affected by mechanical forces. Wires that are empty in the tube must not have a connector under any circumstances. If necessary, place the connector on the junction box probe terminal as much as possible.


Take out the license plate recognition camera, do not touch the lens and CMOS, and confirm that it is stationary. In addition to installing its supporting devices, such as camera shields, brackets, wipers, etc., to do a solid installation, flexible operation should pay attention to prevent damage, and coordination with the surrounding environment.


License plate recognition camera wiring in the building to maintain horizontal or vertical, the wiring should be sleeved protection. Then insert the BNC plug of the soldered video cable into the socket of the video cable and confirm that the BNC connector is firmly attached and in good contact. Insert the power adapter's power output plug into the power jack of the license plate recognition camera and check the firmness.


Connect the other end of the cable to the video input port of the control panel or monitor in the same way to ensure firm and good contact. Connect the rest of the cable to the video input port of the monitoring host or monitor in the same way to ensure that the cable is strong and the line is good.

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