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Humanized design and superior functions of automatic parking system

- May 12, 2018 -

The progress of science and technology In addition to more and more intelligent cars, the parking lot also began to introduce automatic parking systems to solve parking congestion, resource utilization and other issues. With this intelligent management mode, the owner only needs to park the car at a designated location and perform a simple key operation, so he can safely take the card and leave. The entire parking process is very quick and convenient.


This type of automatic parking system is usually composed of multiple layers and can accommodate a very large number of cars, saving space and time. The automatic parking system will automatically determine the position of the stop based on the body data obtained by the sensor. Through the control of the system, the machine will automatically adjust the size of the forklift and send the vehicle to the parking platform. An automated platform running along the ground track will carry the car up or down and finally reach the underground garage to find the right parking space.


The payment for parking is also calculated and verified automatically by the automatic parking system. The user can simply operate the parking card on the electronic terminal. The user can basically park or retrieve the car within 2 minutes, providing users with great convenience.


The automatic parking system also has a temporary "recall" function so that the user can temporarily use the vehicle. In addition, the parking lot has also opened a 24-hour service hotline for users to seek help during parking. Especially in crowded urban centers, the automatic parking system is one of the effective measures to solve the parking problem.


In addition to being able to save space and time, the automatic parking system also helps to prevent the vehicle from being wiped and collided, and avoids unexpected situations that some ordinary parking lots will encounter. Although this method is relatively large compared to ordinary parking lots, it contributes to increasing parking efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

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