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IC card parking management system

- Nov 24, 2017 -

With a IC card parking management system, a set of entrance and exit management equipment is set up at the entrance and exit of the parking lot to make the parking lot a relatively closed place

Smart parking management system is a system which takes IC card. Smart parking system is required to install access management equipment at the entrance and exit.These equipment makes the parking lot become a relatively closed place. This system can quickly complete the check, record, calculation,charge and so on only needing the user to flash the IC card on the entry station. After the above working, the barrier gate will automatically open and close to make the parking management system more convenient and quickly.

The owner and the staff all have a non-contact IC card with their own personal passwords as a personal identification. Only through system test, the approved IC card can be operated to go in or out and fully guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the system. This system test is also effective to prevent the car theft and remove the car owner’s worry. The management card shall be issued and authorized to prevent the administrators from cheating. Whoever holds the card, it is registered with the card before operation. In addition, for the duty officer at the exit, it can enter into the cashier management and during the time, all the charge is recorded under the corresponding officer and stored in the computer database. Due to the access restriction of the duty officer, they can’t access higher software menu items in the system and so the data recorded by the computer cannot be interfered. However, superior manager can check by card at any time such as checking or printing a duty record of a shift or any period of time or even the entire parking lot. In this way, the loss of parking fees and financial statistics are eliminated, and at the same time the system automatically operate to eliminate the economic losses caused by the human car and the overlord car.

According to the different requirements, the card can be divided into four types: monthly card, value card, special card (free card) and time card (temporary card). Monthly card and special card both are limited by time but value card is limited by the balance amount. Temporary card is different and it is taken at any time so its convenient and quickly. Meanwhile, the monthly card and value card takes the method of pre-payment in advance that make the parking management more concise and active.

This smart parking management system supports different types of charge methods in order to cater the requirements of different types such as computer automatic timing, charging, special card, monthly card automatic recognition, the temporary card manual cashier station. Its service is quickly and efficiently. And computer display and fee indicator will display the parking time and receivable expenses at the same time, card balance amount or expiry date.

Smart parking management system makes the parking become a enjoy to attract more users and improve their efficiency.

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