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Intelligence parking management system

- Apr 27, 2018 -

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The intelligent parking management system is a high-tech electromechanical integrated product which places parking lots under the unified management of computers .

What kind of convenience can it provide for people?

Temporary vehicle charges

Drivers press the button on the Ticket Dispenser at entrance, the controller recodes the entry time, the barrier gate will open. At exit, drivers give the ticket to the cashier and pay the parking charge, the cashier confirm it on the computer and open the boom barrier, the controller will recorde the leave time of the car.

Parking lot management

The parking lot management function is the core function of centralizing, comprehensively processing and intelligently reacting to the parking lot information. The manager controls the parking lot's various information indicators through the parking lot management function, and realizes comprehensive release, unified dispatch, automatic backup, alarm prompt, etc. Features.

Parking Guidence

Through information inquiries, online inquiries, terminal displays, and other methods, the driver is provided with parking space occupancy conditions, internal driving routes and other information to guide the driver to find a parking space in an optimized and convenient manner. This function can reduce the time spent searching for parking spaces, balance the competition between parking and space, and improve the traffic congestion caused by car-finding. At the same time, it plays an extremely important role in increasing the use rate of parking facilities, optimizing the management of parking facilities, and promoting the economic vitality of commercial areas.

Car finding

In large parking lots such as shopping malls and shopping centers, owners often find themselves lost in the parking lot due to large space in the parking lot, similar environment and signs, and difficult-to-identify directions when returning to the parking lot. . The car search function queries the position of the stopped vehicle and guides the route through the smart terminal or mobile phone short message so that the user can quickly find the area where the vehicle is parked.

 parking space booking & reservation

For VIP drivers, the parking lot entry can recognize the cars automatically and guide the car to park in the exclusive parking. If the reserved parking space is used without permission, the parking system will alarm .

Image contrast

The images are stored when the vehicle and the cardholder flow in the parking lot. The collection of textual information is periodically saved for reference by the property management office and the traffic control department. When the vehicle enters and exits the parking lot, the MP4NET digital video recorder automatically starts the camera function and stores the photo files in the computer. At the time of appearance, the computer automatically compares the new photos with the photos of the car's last entrance, and the monitoring personnel can monitor the safety of the vehicles in real time.

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