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Intelligent Parking Management System Features and Cabling Requirements

- Jun 01, 2018 -

For the management of the parking lot entering the vehicle, we can use the intelligent parking management system. This system enables the guard to monitor the vehicle in real time, saves the time for vehicles to enter and leave, and greatly reduces the work intensity of management. The intelligent parking management system not only retains all the functions of the traditional parking management system, but also relies on the original fee-based media to improve the management media.


Therefore, when the intelligent parking management system is working, after the vehicle enters the parking lot, the system can automatically capture the vehicle image, and after processing by the computer, the model number, license plate, and color information of the vehicle are obtained, and the unique correspondence between the information and the user card is obtained. Together with the deposit into the database. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the relevant indicators such as the user's card, license plate number or vehicle image can be released after matching.


It should be noted that with the promotion and application of the parking management system, how to properly route the intelligent parking management system construction work has become a major problem in construction. Under normal circumstances, the main configuration of the parking lot is: the system consists of entrance control machines, exit control machines, automatic barriers, vehicle detectors, communication converters, management software, full-scale display screens, charging display screens, distribution machines, and images. Capture card, camera, proximity card and other components.


Of course, with the development and application of new technologies, the functionality of future intelligent parking management systems will also be further improved. At the same time, the requirements for construction will increase. First of all, in the construction of the project, the main materials and tools needed should be determined. Note that the entrance and exit control machines, automatic barriers and other packaging should be intact, the appearance of the material should not be damaged, accessories, spare parts and tools should be complete.


In addition, the wiring requirements for the entire construction work, the specifications of the wire used, and the engineering design requirements for the intelligent parking management system should meet the corresponding requirements. In general, the wiring of the intelligent parking management system not only requires safety and reliability, but also makes the line layout reasonable, neat, and securely installed.

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