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Intelligent parking management system software functions

- Oct 06, 2017 -

1. Operator system

The software system is divided into three levels: operator level, supervisor level and manager level. Different levels correspond to different passwords entering the software system, so the software system has good confidentiality and reliability. Different levels of operators can achieve different functions after login in the software system. The operator can only realize basic functions; the supervisor can implement other functions including the operator, and can modify the operator's password. The manager is the highest level operator and is capable of implementing all functions including the operator level and the supervisor level, and can also modify the entire operator's password. The software system has good compatibility and information protection.


2. Image capture contrast

The image size and definition, color and other parameters can be set. The vehicle image is available for reference at any time. The total storage capacity of the image is determined by the size of the hard disk, which can be guaranteed for more than one week records of vehicle access image (10000 pcs pictures).


3. Temporary vehicle charge functions

For temporary user, when they leaves, it is necessary to pay. The controller will automatically detect the temporary card to remind the user to pay. At the same time, the users give back the card to guard. After confirmation, its time to leave. In addition, the video camera will snapshot the vehicle picture to store in the computer. The controller also records the vehicle leaving time and update the information to the computer when online.


4. Query and change of information

Query all related information. For example: commonly used card information list, lock common card list, operator password list, temporary card list, etc.


5. Printed information

During the operation, the operator's code and contents can be immediately printed out.

The printer prints out the date, time, number, time, and operator code of the vehicle.


6. Optional print reports

When performing a specified print function to print out the information demand by the printer.

A list of commonly used CARDS is printed.

Print out past records (date, time and detention of vehicles)

Print out the summary report.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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