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Is ID or IC card better for parking system

- Jul 03, 2018 -


1.ID card

Compared with the IC card, the advantage of the ID card is that the card reading distance is relatively long, and the general card reading distance is more than 20 cm. The ID card uses the ID identification system to enable the user to swipe the card remotely or non-stop swiping card (such as a Bluetooth card), and the ID card is low cost. Therefore, the ID identification system is ideal for the user.

However, due to its own limitations, the ID card can only read information and cannot write, so it is not convenient for management. If the management computer fails, or there is a problem with the network, the parking system cannot operate normally, and the charging device cannot run offline independently. In addition, the ID identification system has higher requirements for communication equipment, and it is not recommended to be applied in a parking lot with a large traffic volume.


2.IC card

The IC card has a built-in memory chip, which is readable and writable. It has less dependence on the management computer and can be run offline. If there is a system failure such as a management computer failure, the IC card identification system will still operate normally, ensuring the parking lot stable running, this is one of its advantages.

In addition, the IC card memory chip has 16 sectors, which can store different system data, such as access control, attendance, parking lot and other system data, and can set the write limit as needed to ensure security and realize one card applied in different systems.

However, the IC card's card reading distance is short, generally within 15 cm, and the user need swipe card in when enter or exit parking lot. However, due to the characteristics of the IC card, it is still the mainstream card of the current parking system.

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