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Japanese “folding” cars can solve the parking space problem

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Japanese “folding” cars.jpg

Finding a parking space may soon become much easier thanks for a car that can hold itself up and squeeze into small spaces.
The ancient Japanese art of origami or paper folding, is suitable for the cars can squeeze itself into the tightest of parking spaces
The Earth-1 electric car was inspired by the Transformers, toy robots turn into cars or beasts and back again.
Super powers are especially useful when the task is a parking space in Tokyo.
The president and CEO at Four Link Systems say, extremely tiny vehicles can park in narrow space, we start the folding cars project and transform it into smaller cars, to help to reduce the parking spaces.
This car is designed by Japanese famous artist Kunio Okawara, behind the transforming robots of long-running TV series Gundam, he aim for a new generation of younger drivers.
Four Link Systems hope to sell out 300 Earth-1 one year, and has orders 30 at the price $70,000
The company hopes to get the authorization to drive Earth-1 on the public highways in March 2018.

If the folding cars can solve the parking space problem, let’s wait. But Wii parking system can make the parking problem becomes easier. We are here for you.

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