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Jiangxi: Accessible Parking Space is required for public parking

- Feb 02, 2018 -

The reporter learned from the government department, “Measures for the Construction of Accessible Environment in Jiangxi Province' will come into force today. The province creates a barrier-free environment actively, and guarantees the equal participation of members of the disabled and the elderly in social life.


The Measures propose that the following parking lots should provide with barrier-free parking spaces for the disabled driving or riding in motor vehicles in accordance with the relevant state regulations and standards: parking lots for institutions such as special education, rehabilitation, social welfare and the pension; The public parking lots for the grade 2 or more hospital, the 3-star above hotels, AAA level above tourist attractions and shopping malls and other large shopping malls and other public places of public parking; the large residential parking lot .


The “People’s Republic of China Disabled Persons card” or the logo for use of the barrier-free parking space should be placed in a cons When using the barrier-free parking space, the disabled persons should put in a conspicuous position of the vehicles and the parking lot owners should waive parking fee.

The passenger service enterprises shall progressively make public transport vehicles meet the requirements of barrier-free facilities in accordance with the technical standards for barrier-free facilities formulated by the relevant competent departments and definite time limit for compliance.

To guide and encourage bus and taxi operators to invest a certain number of accessible buses and taxis for wheelchair passengers.

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