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Large parking management system solutions

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Nowadays there are more and more large commercial plaza into people’s life, accompanied by a large parking lot to provide a convenient parking for everyone. To build a set of parking management system which is advanced,easy to use and maintain and reliable operation will play an important role in improving management level and comprehensive service level of the property management company.The effective parking management system solutions can not only make the owner feel convenient and fast during the parking. It also make the whole parking unobstructed in use, so that the management company can reduce the staff who guide the diversion and improve the economy benefit and reduce the labor intensity to achieve the goal of efficient management and service quality civilization.

We often encounter these problems during parking in a large parking lot: When parking, it takes a long time to find a parking space.Parking queuing during peak times takes a long time to pay. Forget where the vehicle is because of the unfamiliar with the large parking lot. In view of the above problems in the design of a large parking management system should consider the corresponding solution.

In general, there are two types of parking access lane planning:the first is one in one out and the second is only one in or only one out. In some underground parking lots, the turning radius of the upper and lower slopes is small. If it’s the same access lane, the vehicle safety will easily be affected. So the first type that is one in and one out is more applicable for straight lane. But the second type can be used for various type of lane. It is usually to set up the entry station and non-contact card reader at the entrance.

At the exit, it sets up exit validator to fasten the speed of vehicle passing. Large parking lot tends to have multiple in and out.It can be constructed with one in and out. It can also have only one in or one out. If combined with the two kinds of types, it’s good for parking lot to manage. No matter which type to be chosen, it should consider the actual situation of parking lot.

How about the payment? For the large parking lot of commercial plaza, the central automatic pay station is beneficial for parkers. The automatic pay station system can save the labor cost and increase the revenue for parking operator. The most important is to improve customer’s satisfaction. The pay station makes the payment simplified and shorten the payment time such as the customer doesn’t need to queue up for payment.

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