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License Plate Recognition Camera Brings Development for Parking Lot System

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Recent years, the license plate recognition (LPR) parking system developed more mature,with the continuous growth of vehicles, using LPR technology allows people to stop quickly becomes the focus of all businesses. The essence of intelligent traffic construction is taking use of the advance technology and intelligent parking system to careat a good parking enviroment for people, promote the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city .

In the actual parking system applications, LPR camera through the high-definition carema to capture images, automatically recognize license plate number, color ,type and other vehicle characteristics information to make vehicles to enter and exit, meanwhile LRP camera records the vehicles info such as enter and exit time ,connects with the barrier gate control system, to automatically manage the entre and exit of vehicles . LPR camera used in parking lots can automically timing charge connceting with parking pay system,also can automatic counting the remaing parking space and display the info connecting with parking guidence system ,to automatically manage parking payment and parking space, to save manpower and improve efficincy.  Athe same time, LPR camera can keep the order of parking lot, the internal cars can exit without stop,outside cars only need to pay parking fee when exits,no need to take cards, tickets and other tedious process.

Compared with the traditional parking system, ANPR parking system not only solves the problems of fast-access parking and parking payment,but also solves the problems of looking for a parking space and returning to the parking lot to find the car. In some large parking lots we can see people only needs a few minutes to complete the whole process from parking to pay,no need to take most of time on parking as before. LPR parking system changes the traditional parking lot management ,parkers no need to stop and take cards when entre and exit of parking lots,the license plate NO. will be captured and recognized automatically by LPR camera,the barrier gate will be opend automatically. In LPR camera parking system,vehicles can enter or exit freely without stopping,managers reduce the cumbersome work ,and the personnel expenses will be saved. Meanwhile, LPR camera captures the vehicle pictures , store license plate records to ensure the accuracy and authenticaity of the record.

Now , ANPR parking System without stopping is one of the prefer parking mode by drivers, it's also one trend of the development of parking system today.

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