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Main equipment features of smart car parks management system

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The whole car parks management system is involved in entrance equipment, exit equipment and parking management system. Entrance equipment is used to control the vehicle access, and it can achieve unattended operation. Besides, the vehicle can enter into the parking lot from any entrance. Exit equipment is used to control the vehicle leaving. Parking management system is management procedure of key operation to data processing, card management, report query and others. At the same time, the parking management system can be used for real time image contrast. The image can be stored int he server for future check.

Main equipment of smart car parks management system:

Automatically barrier gate

Receive the signal of manually input in order to easily installation.

Accept the TTL operation signal from the IC card control terminal.

Accept RS485 communication port and also is controlled by charging server.

Detect the vehicle access and automatically down.

Anti-smashing function can protect the vehicle from the hit of barrier gate

Automatic protection of delay, under-voltage and over-voltage.

Entry/ Exit station

Detect vehicles and no car no card.

Recognize the card is valid or invalid.

Display the time and date.

The system reads the legal IC card, including the type, number, loss mark, access mark, validity. After the CPU, record the related mark and data and then go into the corresponding procedure according to the card type. At the same time, it also show the card number and status.

Monthly card will show the validity and status (valid time, expire time, loss, access status).

The main board can operated in the offline. All the live operation will be stored and can be kept over 5000 records. The records can be access and uninstalled by the charging management computer at any time.

If the monthly card was lost, it should be timely registered at the management office.

Charge center

Finish the temporary ticket/card payment, overtime payment and report lost processing.

Control the setting function of entry/exit station.

Adjust the clock date of the access and uninstall the blacklisted.

Collect the records stored in the IC card reader and arrange to build database.

Generate various statistical reports.

Command and control the setting function and system dynamic control.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.






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