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Management requirements and cost reduction of parking charge control system

- Jul 18, 2018 -

To a certain extent, the parking charge control system is aimed at the limitation of the parking lot management, and effectively develops a temporary parking lot automatic toll management system based on video detection and automatic license plate recognition technology. The parking charge control system can effectively realize its The parking lot is also a function of self-service payment, smart timing and multiple payment methods for parking. It not only reduces the cost of manual management, but also eliminates the manual charging loopholes, and also greatly meets the parking demand of foreign vehicles.

The parking charge control system and the photographing parking system effectively implement the automatic license plate recognition management system, and the license plate number is captured and stored in the charging server corresponding to the card number. When the game is played, the system will read out the entry time of this card and then calculate the charge amount through the billing standard to make a voice offer. At the same time, it will also capture the license plate number when the game is played. The license plate number is proofread and the test is consistent. If the check is correct, the system will automatically deduct the money in the card, and at the same time write the balance into the chip of the card, and the intelligent gate will be released.

The parking charge control system is mainly used for license plate recognition results, vehicle image storage, entry and exit time recording, parking time and charge amount calculation. Its working principle is to establish two databases, the entry database and the departure database. The parking time and the generated parking fee are calculated by proofreading, analysis and logical judgment of the data before and after. When the vehicle completes the payment behavior and leaves the parking lot, the database automatically deletes the written information of the vehicle.

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