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Mobile parking ticket cameras recognizing Number Plates become permanent fixture in Canberra

- Dec 29, 2017 -

New technology will make ACT parking inspectors to patrol as much as 30 times more road an hour than they are on foot.
In the ACT trial earlier this year , vehicle-mounted license plate recognition cameras will be permanently adopted, which allows parking inspectors to easily photograph and ticket illegally-parked cars .
License plate recognition technology will take use of the vehicle-mounted camera to snap pictures of cars, to confirm whether they have overstayed their parking limit or have parked illegally.
The cameras allow 30 kilometers of roadside parking to be inspected every hour, compared with one or two kilometers every hour inspected by wardens.
Mobile parking ticket cameras recognizing Number Plates.jpg

License plate recognition technology will become a permanent fixture in Canberra.

Minister for Regulatory Service Gordon Ramsay said, during the trail, in most cases, parking inspectors provide warning to the citizens who were found to be parked illegally or overstaying their parking as detected through LPR.
Tickets generated using the recognition technology would be posted to drivers,
While tickets issued by parking wardens would continue to be left on windscreens.

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