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More balanced use of parking spaces

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Open app parking sharing platform system has the ability of coordinating resources for parking berths, according to statistics, the utilization rate of parking space is up to 71%, while some utilization is less than 40%, the difference is about 30%. For example, in accordance with the work flow model, the system after the opening of the parking space utilization gap significantly reduced, the gap will not be higher than 10%. The owners of private cars are thus given additional revenue from parking spaces to raise the level of parking space.

Clearly, the implementation of the Internet cloud Platform intelligent Community parking management, can allow drivers to more timely and quickly find effective parking, and then complete the rapid parking, reduce the time of the public on the ground, the city road and the use of car parks to enhance the efficiency. In the rapid development of the era, parking difficult, less resources has become particularly serious problems, the correct use of the Internet intelligent products to achieve shared economy, which is the future development of intelligent community.

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