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Multiple payment modes and vouchers for parking payment stations

- May 05, 2018 -

The parking pay station is a temporary parking automatic fee management system charging system based on video detection and license plate automatic recognition technology. It solves the limitation of the parking authority, and it can effectively realize the self-service payment for parking or road parking, and intelligent timing. The functions of multiple payment methods not only reduce the cost of manual management, eliminate loopholes in manual charges, but also greatly satisfy the parking needs of vehicles.


The parking pay station is mainly used in large-scale temporary parking lots and urban parking lots. It can calculate and pay parking fees through different modes, including ticket reading mode, card reading mode, self-service mode, etc., as well as providing vehicle owners with parking fees. License parking vouchers, payment vouchers, invoice vouchers, etc.


If the parking pay station adopts the ticket reading mode, the owner can enter the parking space number and license plate number on the master control machine to take out the parking time counting ticket, and when the ticket is left, the ticket can be overwritten on the scanner, ie, the parking fee can be calculated; and the cash and UnionPay can also be used. Card payment.


By the same token, the difference between the card reader mode and the parking payment station is that the owner can go to the master or the card reader to read the card and start the parking time. When leaving, the card will be read again at the master or the card reader. cost. You can pay via a trusted card and e-wallet.


Many parking payment stations also support self-service mode. If the owner forgets to read the card on the master or the card reader, the magnetic field will automatically start the parking time after 2 minutes. When he leaves, he will read the card again at the master or the card reader. Calculate parking fees. Payment can be made via cash, UnionPay card, trusted card and e-wallet.


Of course, the parking payment station has parking vouchers, that is, when the owner of the vehicle is parked, a parking voucher is taken on the master control machine, and there is a parking space number and a license plate number, parking time, bar code, and other information. In this way, when the car owner picks up the car, he or she pays for the fee at the credit card machine or the main control machine. The fee can be successfully printed according to the owner's voluntary request to print the payment certificate or the payment invoice.

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