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Necessity of using parking charge control system

- Jun 11, 2018 -

With the progress of the times, this kind of convenient transportation vehicle has already entered millions of households. The drastic increase in the number of cars has resulted in a significant increase in parking management workload. In other words, parking requires scientific and effective management. When the number of vehicles coming and going each day is large, manual charge management obviously cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, an intelligent parking charge control system is very important.


In fact, we can see that in many large parking lots, the parking charge control system is usually a non-contact smart card, and a set of entrance and exit management equipment is installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that the parking lot can form a relatively closed place. . When the vehicle enters or goes out, it only needs to lightly shake the IC card in front of the card reader, the system can instantly complete the inspection, recording, accounting, charging, etc., and the barrier guard gate will be opened and closed automatically, and the parking will be carried out conveniently and quickly. Field management.


It can be seen that, in fact, the parking charge control system not only reduces the management of the vehicle, but also greatly saves the time of vehicle identification, charging and so on. Not only that, it can quickly identify the vehicle, fully guarantee the security and confidentiality of the system, effectively prevent theft of the vehicle, and eliminate the worries of the owner.


In fact, the parking charge control system is based on the parking lot as a platform, and also has an intelligent parking lot entrance and exit entrance and exit automation system and information network system, integrated system, service, management, and an optimized combination between them. Provide a safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient parking environment.


In short, the use of parking charge control system is very necessary, its role and significance are: 1, regulate the parking order, and the dynamic development of a harmonious traffic; 2, to avoid arbitrary charges, increase the credibility of parking fees; 3, expansion The available forms and scope of parking information to improve the parking berth utilization rate; 4, to improve the convenience of finding parking spaces; 5, to ensure the safety of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot and during parking, reduce losses.

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