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No parking space, no parking

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The rule of parking in Singapore is that no parking if there is no parking space, especially where there are warning signs such as yellow or white lines . someone is fined of SGD$ 200 ,because of parking at space with signs “load & unload “. But In the next multi-storey car park, the parking fee is only about $1 SGD per hour.

Buildings have to meet with the strict rules in Singapore, and will be punished if fail to meet the standards.
Of course, it’s not difficult to park in Singapore. Because there are kinds of rules of parking lot, and many of them are enforceable. And it’s very convenient to pay, such as parking meter, auto pay station and mobile pay APP.
Different use of buildings based on the calculation formula of floor area, rounded, can accurately calculate at least how many parking Spaces will be needed.
Of course, the size of the parking space and the construction of barrier-free facilities also have corresponding building standards, if substandard, there will be corresponding punishment measures. If the building changes its use in the future, there must be a corresponding parking space to solve the parking problem.
The basic principle of the parking lot is to "clean the snow from the front of the door" and ensure that every building can solve its own parking problems. Of course, the building owner can increase the parking space according to the actual situation. In reality, a parking space is the necessary and there is no parking space that is sold separately. Even in the area of 80 percent of the population, there are often multi-storey car parks.

Another basic principle parking lot setting is that making sure the design of the parking lot can be convenient and cause no obstacles, it is embodied in different Angle parking space requirements, each has the size of the detailed requirements.

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