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On Street Parking Solutions Main Structure and Requirement

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Where parking is more difficult now, some places simply do not set their parking spaces. To a certain extent, the on street parking solutions has played a protective role. It can also effectively alleviate part of the parking pressure. Fundamentally, according to many years of the design standards and field trip and then make the overall solution.

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On street parking solutions is mainly used to detect the parking status of its principle geomagnetic detection. In the absence of vehicles, the Earth's magnetic field is in relatively stable state. When the vehicle passing, it will directly lead to the Earth's magnetic field change.

The wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector detects vehicles by analyzing the changes in the Earth's magnetic field. The wireless geomagnetic vehicle detector is buried on the surface and is powered by a self-contained battery. The vehicle information detected by the detector is transmitted wirelessly to a signal receiver mounted on the roadside, which transmits the vehicle information to the application system by the signal receiver.

On street parking solutions is mainly composed of data acquisition layer, information release layer, data management layer, the data layer function description.Its main function is the parking status of the basic data acquisition, both parking status for car information collection and reporting.

On street parking solutions effectively uses the parking position sensor function by wireless geomagnetic vehicle detection.You can effectively capture the real-time parking status data, when used in a wireless way to effectively send to the nearby area within the signal receiver.

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