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Parking Access Revenue Control Systems Recognition Rate and Background Management

- Aug 14, 2017 -

From the technical level to evaluate a parking access revenue control systems, there are three indicators: recognition rate, recognition speed and background management system. But the main premise is that the system should be operated stably and reliably.

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Whether parking access revenue control systems is practical, the most important indicator is the recognition rate index discussion. Its correct recognition rate with whole card up to 85% to 95% in a day 24 hours. The recognition speed determines whether a license plate recognition system can meet the requirements of real-time application.

The parking access revenue control systems has a system with a high recognition rate. If it takes a few seconds or even minutes to identify the results, the system will have no practical significance because it can not meet the real-time requirements of practical applications.

The background management of the parking access revenue control systems can be operated with the result of its identification and the reliable storage of the vehicle image data. The multi-function system operation will make the network image error happen and won’t occur the loss of the image data in a certain extent. It’s also benefit for staff to check the facility.

Parking access revenue control systems can be effectively automatic comparison and query technology. This plate number by recognized can be matched with the database number and prompt alarm. If the license plate number is not properly recognized, it needs to use fuzzy query technology to get the relative "best" comparison results.

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