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Parking at SOU? There’s an app for that

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Parking at Southern Oregon University in Ashland becomes more easier.
You download PayByPhone APP and pay parking on your credit card, whether it’s for an hour or a term. The school busy enforcement team only need to scan your license plate and check the App to see if you are paid up or your time has expires.

If you are a visitor, and your appointment is lasting longer time than planned, you just need to to see your mobile phone screen to see how many minutes you have left. Once it expires, just need some more time on your account.

For users, it saves time and trouble. For the university, it saves money . SOU Spokesman Mosley says. The service & software of a nationwide firm may cost a bit more, but the university will save 20% parking charge

Most students pay for parking by the term and will pay via APP.

The firm points out that the App encompasses all available options including parking meter and more. Allowing drivers to choose from hourly, daily, three-day or weekly permits, at the same time providing SMS alert function & extending a parking session remotely.

Drivers can park without registering the APP, and users can save the favorite parking spots in the favorite features.

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