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Parking Entry Ticket Machine Use Instructions And Installation Design

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Parking ticket dispenser belongs to parking management systems.Parking ticket dispenser is also known as parking entry station.This entry station is used for the entrance. When the vehicle enters the sense coil in front of the ticket dispenser, for temporary or monthly customers, the entry station activates by the vehicle detector.

Parking ticket dispenser.jpg

Parking entry ticket station will be voice or LCD display to remind the customer in following situation:
1. Press button to get a ticket or directly place the monthly ticket card in the sense area
2. All the parking equipment are used online to monitor the vehicle.
3. Parking equipment is abnormal or the network is interrupted, but all equipment can still be operated independently. It won’t cause the entire system to fail.

The sense card in parking entry station has the function which is repeatedly written data. Parking equipment can be recognized although the data is missing caused by external degauss.This sense card can effectively be used for large parking lot, composite vehicles and different rates for lanes.Automatic pay station calculates rate,parking time and the charge fee by reading data.

The parking entry station takes the design of large paper roll.This can effectively reduce the management staff work to a certain degree.

Parking enty station.jpg

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