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Parking Just Became Easier at the Natick Mall

- Feb 11, 2018 -

There are more than 7,100 parking space for vhicles in the Natick Mall, but it seems like that there are no parking spots avaliable during the busy holiday shopping season.


The Natick Mall has installed a new system called Park Assist, which is expected to help 

customers and employees to park more easily.


Jennifer Kearney, senior managing director at Natick Mall, said on Saturday: "this is essentially a parking guidance system."Our goal is no frustration, no need to find a parking spot driving up and down.Now, you can even know if there is a prking place before you see it.


She said Park Assist was launched on black Friday, the busiest black Friday in three years.


The way it works is that every parking lot has a flashing reminder -- red if the parking lot is full,and green if the parking lot has parking spot. The warning signs are updated in real time, which means that if a car pulls out of a parking spot, the number will be updated immediately.


"The whole parking lot has vehicle sensors and updates immediately," he said."People who work in the mall like it."

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