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Parking management

- Nov 22, 2017 -

With the progress of times, the vehicle have entered every family and the number of vehicle has increased dramatically. When there are numerous vehicle into the parking lot, the drawbacks of cashier payment will come out. How to manage scientifically and effectively is a major issue. In this information age, it's great to use computers to manage parking.

Parking charge management system has the four main functions of parking, pick up, query and rate setting. When parking, the vehicle information will be stored in the database and to query and set the rate by using database reading and written. When picking up your car, it will show you the entry time, rate and fee and record all these information. These functions can help the parking lot realize standardization, institutionalization and procedures.

The parking management system obtains four modules which is administrator login, system management, fee management and query statistics. In addition, administrator login is the prerequisite module and it means all the other module must be passed through this administrator login first. Through the administrator login module, the administrator can enter into the system to set the system management, fee management and query statistics.

Firstly to introduce administrator login module.Enter into this module by user name and password. If the password or user name is wrong, there is a reminder. If right, it will be into the parking management system home.

And then is fee management system. This system is to manage the card and charge. For the card name, users, rate and status, this system all can modify. In addition, card and fee information are also modified and queried by this system. The rate name, proportion, price and other information can be increased, modified and queried. Besides, query statistics module which is in the parking charge management system ban be used to check the revenue situation and vehicle information. No matter is day, month or year, all the statistics can be checked in this module.

Finally is the system management module. This module is included in user management, authority management and locking. The administrator can add and delete the user's name, password, name and so on. If you want to change and delete the existed user, it can enter into this system. Locking means to lock the interface until entering into the correct password.

Intelligent parking management integrates systems, services, management and the optimal combination of them to helps parking lot create a safe and efficient, comfortable, convenient parking environment.

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