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Parking management features

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Parking management is a perfect solution to help operator improve the parking service. Not only its software, but also its facility can increase parking revenue.So how these parking management facility is to manage the parking lot and what the features of parking management are.

Firstly, flexible configuration. The parking management software takes modularized design to future update or maintain. For long-distance identification, image contrast, ANPR, voice prompt, parking guidance and others system, they can also have a flexible configuration. Secondly, charges in multiple site. The parking management software is used C/S mode. So it can realize online tolling in multiple charge site at the same time. Thirdly, powerful charge function. There are different charging standards for different types of vehicles. Regular vehicle is charged by year, season, month, time, per visit and others. However, temporary vehicle pay by time, per visit and time period.

Meanwhile, parking management also has other features such as humanized design, refined rights, one car one ticket and so on. When the monthly card is expiring or the amount of stored-value card is insufficient, the humanized design will friendly prompt and the user will have enough time to deal with in time. If the parking lot takes parking guidance system, the screen will not only display the real time situation of parking posts. For those regular users whose they card is insufficient or expire, the screen will give this hint. And for the vehicle that is about to the expiration date, there will be a rolling reminder of deadline in the display screen. To some degree, this design is more helpful for user to enjoy their parking journey. In addition, what’s about refined rights of parking management? It can be added different operators via the parking management system. And the administrator can perform hierarchical management of different permissions for different operations. For ordinary operator, it can only have simple charge management. But for the financial staff, it can perform data query and check each report of each operator and others. This function is to better manage the revenue status and it also avoid the fund loss. One car one ticket, it means a car can enter into the parking lot with a ticket. This function is to prevent this situation which the car doesn’t swiping into parking lot after a car using the card. When this situation occurs, it will have words and sounds alarm, and can generate the action output as needed.

Vehicle flow detection function is a better function. This function is to ensure the access vehicle enter/exit the parking lot before the barrier gate down. This parking management function can effectively improve the vehicle efficiency and reduce the mechanical wear of the barrier gate to increase the service life. The last but not least, real time monitoring in lane. This function can monitor the specified lane on real time. It can also control the input port of the image, image brightness, contrast, chromaticity, grayscale and so on.

The parking management is not only to improve the parking operation, but also help create a friendly environmental for our future life.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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