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Parking management system parking controller and camera function

- Jul 20, 2018 -

When the parking management system is in operation, the IC card sensed is mainly installed in the cab of each vehicle. During operation, when the vehicle travels through the sensing area of the reading sensor, the inductive IC card is sent through the reading sensor. The excitation signal generated by the response signal is sent back to the reading sensor, and the reading sensor transmits the reading signal to the parking controller. After the parking controller receives the information, the automatic verification is performed as a valid card, and the brake is automatically When it is turned on, the digital video recorder starts recording, takes a picture of the car when it enters, and the computer records the car number and the driver's name and information about the entry and exit.

When the temporary vehicle enters the parking management system, the temporary card is received from the ticket issuing machine. When the exit is made, it is necessary to pay the prescribed fee, and then confirm that the vehicle can leave. When the temporary vehicle enters the parking lot to a certain extent, the ground coil is automatically When the arrival of the vehicle is detected, the Chinese electronic display of the automatic ticket issuing machine displays “Welcome, please take the card”. According to the prompt on the ticket issuing machine, the driver presses the ticket issuing button on the “entry automatic ticket issuing machine”, the automatic ticket issuing machine will spit out a sensing IC card, and the card reader has automatically read the temporary card.

The gate of the parking management system is opened, the MP4NET digital video recorder starts the camera function, and the controller records the entry time of the vehicle. When the temporary car leaves the parking lot, the driver will sense the IC card (temporary card) in the sensing area at the exit ticket box. The parking lot control automatically detects that it is a temporary card, and the gate will not automatically open.

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