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Parking Management System Plays an Important Role in Modern Parking Management

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The so-called parking management system refers to a network system composed of a computer, a network device, and a lane management system to manage the entrance and exit of vehicles in a parking lot, guidance of on-site traffic, and collection of parking fees. In the current society, the parking management system can be regarded as an essential tool for professional parking yard management companies.


In the work, we can use this system to achieve the entry and exit records of vehicles, and can real-timely monitor the parking position in the field to realize the dynamic and static comprehensive management of vehicle access and on-site vehicles. The pre-stage system is generally based on a radio frequency induction card. At present, a wide range of optical digital lens license plate recognition methods are used instead of traditional radio frequency card billing. This parking management system can record vehicle in and out information through a proximity card and complete the charging strategy through management software. Charges account management, lane equipment control and other functions.


We know that as the economy continues to grow, the number of vehicles in the city continues to increase. The storage and management of vehicles is becoming more and more important. At the same time, people have put forward more requirements on the order of vehicles entering and exiting, the safety of vehicle storage, and the paid nature of vehicle storage management. As a result, intelligent parking management system products came into being, playing an increasingly important role in the modern parking lot management.


Often we can vividly refer to parking management systems as smart parking systems. This parking system uses modern mechanical electronics and communications science and technology to integrate control hardware and software. With the development of science and technology, the parking lot management system is changing with each passing day. At present, the most specialized parking system is free of card parking.


After using the parking management system, it can be very convenient for intelligent management of vehicles entering and leaving this area for identification and judgment, entry/rejection, guidance, recording, charging, and release. Its purpose is to effectively control the access of vehicles and personnel, record all detailed information and automatically calculate the amount of charge, to achieve the safety management of on-site vehicles and charges.

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