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Parking Solution Main Construction Contents

- Jun 08, 2018 -

In modern cities, parking management has become more and more important. For a growing number of vehicles, a reasonable and effective parking solution is necessary. For example, various kinds of intelligent parking management systems are currently popular. This parking solution does bring great convenience to parking management.


However, when using this kind of intelligent parking solution, there are some issues that need attention in the construction. First of all, we need to reasonably determine the position of barriers and card reading equipment. So, what is the specific construction method? In response to this problem, we must first ensure the width of the lane when determining the location of barriers and card reading equipment so that vehicles can access freely. Under normal circumstances, the width of the lane is not less than three meters, and the best is about 4.5 meters.


It should be noted that during the construction process of the parking solution, the position of the card reading equipment should be about 3.5 meters away from the gate, and not less than 2.5 meters at the most recent time, mainly to prevent the front of the card reader from touching the railing. For underground parking, reading equipment should be placed on a relatively level ground, otherwise it would be more troublesome for the vehicle to stop reading when going uphill or downhill.


In addition, taking into account the position of the gate and card reading equipment directly affects the use of the results, so in the parking solution construction operations, once the location of the pipeline is in place, then change the location will have a lot of construction Trouble. Therefore, at this time, the proposal is to first install the barrier gate and card reading equipment in place, then simulate the user, and together with the staff of the first party to see if the positioning is appropriate, and then lay the pipeline.


The requirements for pipeline construction in parking solutions are relatively simple. Generally, before laying the pipeline, the signal property, signal flow, and power supply of each device are clarified against the parking lot system schematic and pipeline diagram. Note that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the parking solution, the signal line and the power line must be passed through separately.

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