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Parking solution requirements and methods

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Parking solutions are effective to a certain extent, including banks, cinemas, entertainment facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, government agencies, schools, etc. Due to past imperfections in supporting parking facilities and policies, most public and Commercial buildings are not equipped to construct the necessary parking facilities.

Parking solution is insufficient for parking facilities in urban residential areas

In the past, one of the main characteristics of urban development in China was the large-scale construction of residential communities. To a certain extent, due to the commercial value of the land, the developers of residential communities tend to use the land as a building for the building, plus the future residential community. The rapid awareness of the increase in the number of private car ownership is insufficient. The shortage of parking spaces in the residential areas that have been built is widespread. The difficulty of overnight parking in residential areas is increasing, resulting in an increase in the purchase price and rental price of residential parking spaces. 4. Fixed parking spaces have become an effective way for residents in the community to invest.

Parking solution lacks public parking garage facilities in the city

At present, the public parking garage facilities in China's big cities and megacities mainly refer to the underground parking garages along the road building. In general, there are few private public parking buildings. In the current state of car ownership, coastal In some big cities or megacities, the demand for public parking during peak hours has been difficult to meet. For example, in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities, it is difficult to find public parking for car-drivers entering the commercial center of the city during peak hours. Bit.

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