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Parking system

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Parking system is based on modern Electronics and Information Technology. Intelligent parking system is through the contactless card or ANPR system to recognize, guide, record and charge the vehicle. Its main purpose is to effectively control the access to vehicle and staff, to record all the detailed information and automatic calculation of charges. The intelligent parking system is really to realize the the security management of internal vehicles and fees.

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The intelligent parking system is used for more and more parking lots. In addition, parking system has two software platforms: one is cashier platform, the other is management  platform. For cashier, they are only responsible for charges. Usually they can log in the cashier platform to make fee management. During this time, all the fee will be automatically recorded in related cashier and store into database. For manager, they log in the management platform to manage the whole parking operation. Besides, the parking system eliminates the failure of parking cost and financial statistics. At the same time, the automatic operation system eliminates the economic losses caused by the car and overlord.


Usually, it is set up parking equipment to control the access to the parking lot. The parker need to validate the ticket to finish parking. And for regular users, they only tap the card into induction area. After validation, the system is able to complete the inspection, recording, accounting, charging and other work in a timely way. And the barrier gate will automatically open and close to realize convenient and efficient parking management.


It also mounts a camera with high resolution color fixed at each entrance or exit. The camera can monitor the vehicle situation on 24 hours and read the license plate number. When the vehicle enters into the parking lot, the camera will transmit the signal to parking management system through video cable and store them in the database. When the car leaving, besides the parking fees, all the information of leaving car (plate, model, color etc.) must be the same as that of the incoming vehicle. After successfully validation, the barrier gate will open and the car leaves parking lot.

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Add:Yangming Industrial Park, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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