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Parking Ticket Dispenser Features and Functions

- Sep 06, 2017 -

There are a lot of parking lot is used to take the ticket mode to parking. So generally in the parking lot, at the entrance it will set the parking ticket dispenser, the vehicle automatically takes the ticket, one car one ticket. Before leaving the parking lot, the management staff will use the scanner to read the ticket information.

The parking ticket dispenser will provide the ticket with corresponding bar code. And then use the bar code for data records, including the admission time, admission location and other information to ensure the accuracy of the data. And most of the parking ticket dispenser is using thermal paper tickets, without paper or ink. It’s helpful to reduce operating costs and the key is that thermal paper tickets are clean and santitary.

parking ticket dispenser.jpgLane entry station.jpg

Usually parking ticket dispenser can issue up to 7000 tickets with 120~150g. Some think this leads paper waste but the designer has already considered this point. So the parking lot can be atuotmatically recycle paper tickets. It’s very suitable for the central parking lot.

The ticket provided by the parking ticket dispenser is generally divided into two parts, in which the header part can be modified, and the bar code record information can not be changed. The paper ticket length is the same as that of the ordinary IC card. The purpose is to facilitate the parking ticket dispenser. If taking the ticket, the barrier gate would automatically open. If didn’t take ticket, the barrier gate wouldn’t open.

Since the parking ticket dispenser has been designed specifically for the performance requirements of the parking lot automatic management system, it can be easily combined with the sense of the road, the barrier, the ticket validator to form a complete parking management system. It achieves the functions such as issue ticket, credit card, control barrier, record parking information and feedback to the server and so on.

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