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Safety management and image display of the parking system

- Jul 23, 2018 -

To a certain extent, the parking system mainly refers to the installation of automatic identification devices at the entrances and exits of parking areas based on modern electronic and information technology. It is effective to identify vehicles passing through the area through its contactless cards or license plates. Intelligent management of identification, admission/rejection, guidance, recording, charging, release, etc., the purpose of which is to effectively control the access of vehicles and personnel, record all detailed information and automatically calculate the charge amount, and realize the safety of on-site vehicles and charges. management.

The parking system is mainly integrated with inductive smart card technology, video surveillance, computer network, image recognition and processing and automatic control technology. The vehicle in the parking lot will be automatically managed during operation, including the identity of the vehicle. Judgment, access control, automatic license plate recognition, parking space search, parking space guidance, vehicle reminder, image display, vehicle proofreading, time calculation, fee collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic access (receipt) card, etc. .

The parking system will set up a set of entrance and exit management equipment at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, so that the parking lot can form a relatively closed place. Simply enter the vehicle and shake the sensor card in front of the card reader box, and the system can be completed instantaneously. Inspection, recording, accounting, charging, etc., the gates are automatically opened and closed to achieve convenient and convenient parking management.

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