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Select automatic barrier gate for budget, type and compatibility

- May 04, 2018 -

Although the automatic barrier gate seem to be just to achieve automatic door opening and closing, in fact, there are fundamental differences between their internal integration technologies between different automatic doors. So, how do you choose the right automatic barrier door? suggestions below:


The first thing to consider is its own expense budget. Generally speaking, the automatic barrier gate installation for foreign brands is basically above 10,000 yuan or 10,000 yuan. While the domestic brands are uneven, it is difficult to have a uniform price, ranging from a few thousand to over ten thousand yuan. Objectively speaking, automatic barrier doors with stable performance and quality are naturally higher in price. It is suggested that starting from their actual needs, they should understand the price and quality of similar automatic barrier doors, and then make a budget.


Followed by the type of automatic barrier gate, if the flow of people is very large, such as hospitals, banks, airports and other occasions, we must use strong product stability, after-sale professional brand company cooperation. If the flow of people is not large, but it needs to be supported by functions such as access control, fire alarm, and video intercom, then it is necessary to use powerful and stable products to better cooperate with security projects. In general, automatic barrier doors should be selected based on door openings, door weights, and traffic flow.


There is the need to pay attention to the compatibility of automatic barrier gates. For units that use confidential information or restrict access to people, certain restrictions must be placed on the door, such as electronic genlocks, inductive access controls, and card readers to limit non-use. Card personnel enter and so on. This requires that the automatic barrier doors have compatibility and can be retrofitted with these devices.


In addition, the installation of automatic barrier gates is also very important. We must choose a good and stable engineering construction company so that we can guarantee the project quality and after-sales service. There are many types of automatic barrier doors. Different types of installation are completely different and require professionals to operate.

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